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Kram Wall Carpet maximizes display space


Quietspace Acoustic Wall Covering

(formerly known as 'Kram Wall Carpet')

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The Ultimate Acoustic Wall Covering!     

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Never have to paint an old corkboard again! 'Kram wall Carpet' has a range of features:
  • Fade/Stain and Moisture resistant
  • Fire resistant
  • Acoustic properties - Reduces reverberated noise by up to 40%
  • Velcro, pin and staple compatible
  • Choice of 35 colours and 2 styles

No more replacing corkboards

Corkboards deteriorate over time and eventually become an 'eyesore'. I constantly see old boards either re-painted or covered with paper each year, until eventually they look so bad they need to get replaced. Money wasted on labour, paint and a new board.

Do your notice boards 'detract' from the look of your school or office?

'Kram Wall Carpet' and 'Kram Wall Tiles' do not rot or fade, they don't leave ugly pin holes and are much more practical than the old style pinboards. They will add colour and contrast to your room and make your displays look brilliant.

ClassroomsBrick WallsLibraries

Why be limited to a 1200mm high pinboard that covers a quarter of your wall? You can have Kram Wall Carpet from floor to ceiling maximising your display space and eradicating the need to repaint the wall ever again.

We can also refurbish your old, existing pinboards and corkboards to match the fabric of the 'Kram Wall Carpet' - See our colour chart and start designing!

Check out these before and after shots below and imagine what a difference it would make to your rooms. (Click on a photo for a larger image)

              BEFORE                   AFTER                              BEFORE                     AFTER

Half WallsHalf WallsCorridorsCorridors

StairwellsStairwellsChild Care CentresChild care Centres

Above HangersAbove HangersOutside ClassroomsOutside Classrooms

Feature WallFeature WallPartition DoorsPartition Doors

Staff roomStaff roomPortablePortable

Outside LibraryOutside LibraryArt RoomArt Room


Kids Bedroom 1 BeforeKids Bedroom 1Kid's Bedroom 2 BeforeKid's Bedroom 2 After



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Maybe you'd prefer acoustic

Wall Carpet TILES

instead? Click here for more information.


3 Steps to getting Quietspace Acoustic Wall Carpet in your school or office

1. Measure the dimensions of your wall and note any obstacles on the wall ie: power points etc.

(if possible, take a photo of the whole wall)

2. Fax or email measurements to:

07 3351 2099 or

3. We will email you an estimate of what the job will cost and if necessary, organise a time to give you an exact quote .

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