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Acoustic Wall Tiles

Acoustic - Elegant - Practical

Kram Wall Tiles combine all of the features of Kram Wall carpet while retaining the ease and flexibilty of a tile. The main difference is there are only 12 colours available instead of 30:
  • Fade/Stain and Moisture resistant
  • Fire resistant
  • Acoustic properties - Reduces reverberated noise by up to 40%
  • Velcro, pin and staple compatible
  • Choice of 12 colours and 2 styles

Hallways Offices

Kram Wall Tiles do have one big advantage over the Wall carpet - You can install it yourself and save $$$$!


Bedrooms Classrooms

The tiles are sold in packs of 6. which will give you coverage of 2.16 square metres as each tile is 600 x 600mm. They are self adhesive, so no messy glue is required.


FoyersWall Tiles

With a little bit of artistic creativity, you can turn your plain plaster, wood or brick walls into the best looking pinboards you'll ever have.

Kram wall Tiles have been developed to provide both interior designers and the DIY handyman with much greater freedom and flexibility when designing and completing their interior decorating projects.

Product Specifications

Constructed from polyester fibres thermally bonded in a non-woven matrix and laminated to a high-density non-woven polyester backing. Available in a fine velour or 'Classic' rib finish

Fabric Texture: Fine velour or 'Classic' rib

Manufactured Thickness: 10-12mm

Tile Size: Self Adhesive 600x600mm (6 per box)

Tile Coverage: 2.16m2(self adhesive)

Availability: Available in all 12 colours and supplied on a 'made-to-order' basis

Lead Times: Typically two-four weeks ex-factory; however lead times can vary. Please call or email to discuss your requirements

Minimum Order Quantities:

Minimum order quantities on some colours may apply. Please call or email to discuss your requirements


Colour Variation: Colours may vary slightly from batch to batch


Flammability Test Results - AS1530.3.1999

Ignitability Index (0-20): 12
Spread of Flame Index (0-10): 0
Heat Evolved Index (0-10): 4
Smoke Developed (0-10): 5



Composition® has been tested to a Noise Reduction Coefficient (NRC) rating of 0.4 and with adequate coverage, will typically reduce reverberated noise by approximately 40%.

For specific acoustic requirements, we recommend you consult an acoustic engineer.


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